Hello World!

Hello World

Hello out there! My name is Janis. I’m a self-taught web developer since somewhere in 2005 or 2006, traveller since 2009 and I’m mostly of Russian German origin (here is a Wiki article for fellow history enthusiasts: Volga Germans).

This isn’t my first blog. I had a pretty geeky first one somewhere around 2008, then another one in 2010 for my first trip to China, and then one more beautiful blog about travelling. In the end, none of those blogs stayed, yet it’s not something I would regret. They all were out there in their time, and I see them as a part of a learning process.

Why would I start a blog in 2019 then? It’s the time of YouTube vlogs, Instagram live feeds and, really, anything visual, colourful, dynamic. There were enough people who suggested I should update my format to something more contemporary, but my intention is not to follow a trend. I intend to do something I love, and I know for sure that writing is such a thing for me. Frankly, my first attempts to write were even before I was taught the alphabet and could trace out the letters properly.

My resolution for 2019 is to do more of what I love than what I feel I have to do, which is why I am writing the first draft of this very first post today, on the 5th of January. I hope to share with fellow lovers of reading and writing some interesting, useful or just funny stories. So, let’s break off!

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